What ag policies do you want the next government to focus on?

We’ve seen results from an early-campaign survey on what Canadians are worried about in regards to food, and we’ve heard from each of the four main parties heading into this federal election. But what I want to know is, what are YOUR priorities, Canadian agriculture?

As media, I watched the debate, I interviewed Sylvain Charlebois about the recent survey, and I’ve edited and read and discussed it all with my colleagues here at RealAgriculture.

But I’m also a farmer. For a few months yet, I can even call myself a “young” farmer if I choose, and I’m most certainly a beginning farmer at less than three full years in. My perspective is my own, of course, but I’d like to think that my role in ag media, and strong ties to both Western and now Eastern Canada afford me a certain level of exposure that maybe not all farmers have.

From where I sit, as a young, new, sheep producer, my list of top policy priorities will differ from a soon-to-be-retired grain grower in Alberta, let’s say, but in all the week’s events, it’s these exact differences in policy focus that seems to have been glazed over, at least a little.

Because I can, I’ve posted a poll, in hopes that my fellow farm and agriculture industry will weigh in and we can get more clarity on where the ag community sits, vs what the political parties are choosing to focus on. Check out the poll. Let us know what you think.