Using medical imaging to detect grain bin moisture

New imaging technology promises to give grain growers the ability to detect the moisture content of every bushel stored in a bin along with where it’s located.

Grain Systems (GSI) director of grain dealer sales Jeff Cravens says the company’s new GrainVis technology would deliver significant benefits by helping growers proactively address potential quality issues, better understand their grain inventory and save energy.

GSI gave growers a sneak-peek at the potential of GrainVis at the Farm Progress Show last month in Decatur, Illinois. In this video report, Craven explains how GrainVis uses medical imaging technology, developed to detect breast cancer, to create a three-dimensional moisture map of a grain bin that provides information on every bushel.

Cravens notes that current cable-type monitoring systems are capable of assessing only a small percentage of the grain in a bin. Using an array of sensors affixed to the bin sidewall, GrainVis uses radio frequency data to read the bin’s entire grain mass. Growers can then observe changes in grain moisture and temperature anywhere in the bin and take proactive measures to protect grain quality.

GrainVis is currently being tested at facilities in the U.S. and Canada. He adds commercial applications of the technology could be available as early as next year.

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