30 years of joy with 20/20 Seed Labs

I wouldn’t change my life as a seed analyst for anything! It has been 30 years of learning, opportunity, challenge, drought, excess, and although sometimes lonely, it has been above all a path I was meant to take.

Starting out in 1989, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever seen the friendships, the connections near or far, or the community we have built today. I’m so privileged to know so many like-minded individuals who came along either unknowingly or knowingly on our path and who are with me today. On reflection, it’s been an honour to be part of agriculture and servicing the needs of every person making a living off of their land. It has been a pursuit, a story, or something bigger than myself, which has driven my need to help make everyone’s livelihood successful in farming or those growing seed, feed, or food and the necessary science to back up these possibilities. I would like to think that anyone who knows me, or any of our team at 20/20, knows we have their best interests at heart.

Seed growers taking meaningful steps to provide pure seed; multinational corporations developing unique brands capable of success in any eventuality whether disease, pest-tolerant or yield abounding; and those who use seed for their own farms, we’ve been there. All I know is that anyone who has touched my life over the past 30 years, meant something to me.

My humble beginnings in 1989 were driven by the late Dave Ingledew (Prairie Seeds) who had the same vision as me: to build something of connection and meaning. On our 30th anniversary, I looked at the faces of clients who I consider family and people who were pillars for me in times of doubt. Thank you to everyone who believed in our endeavour, I think we’ve arrived at our destination. You know, you never know as an entrepreneur, because as my sister put it perfectly in a song to me, “Is that all there is?”.

We will never stop growing … Proud to be here today in 2019 with the best team ever of seed analysts, planters, disease diagnosticians, molecular scientists, agronomists, business builders, industry leaders, a Controller and above all, all of you who use our services. Here’s to the next 30 years!

With best regards,
Sarah Foster R.S.T
President, Senior Seed Analyst
20/20 Seed Labs Inc.

We recently celebrated our 30th anniversary and wanted to share with you some highlights of that special day!