Schulte combines Valmar’s granular application with SoilStar’s ground disturbance


Schulte has integrated the Valmar 6056 with its SoilStar DHX-600 disc harrow, with the combination on display at this summer’s Ag in Motion in Saskatchewan.

“What we’ve done with this disc harrow – we’ve put a Valmar granular applicator onto this unit, which allows us to spread Avadex, the seed application, and/or fertilizer application, on a 6o-foot basis,” says Schulte’s Glen Brewster, in the following video. “It does that ground disturbance, which allows a lot better seed placement than other models.”

The DHX-600 is touted as a high speed tillage unit that can be used to manage residues post-harvest, improving water penetration, the speed of soil warming, and weed seed germination for pre-seeding weed management. It is equipped with a double row of wavy coulters and five bar heavy harrow.

According to Brewster, the unit is available from Schulte and its dealers.