Food Bubble: Selling the part of beef that isn’t very popular…yet

Beef bone marrow with pickled radish (Todd Patterson, via Canada Beef Inc.)

From finger meat to tendons, cow stomach to bone marrow, there are products beyond burgers, steaks, and roasts that offer unique and exciting culinary experiences. And it just so happens the popularity in these cuts is growing here in Canada.

According to Duane Ellard, Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, approximately 25 per cent of the carcass is represented by each of middle meat, hip cuts, and chuck cuts, with the final 25 per cent – cuts like the brisket, plate and shank meat – unfamiliar to a large number of North Americans.

“A shank is a very sinewy piece of meat…however, through proper cooking methods, it’s a wonderful flavour profile that is nothing like I had ever experienced before,” says Ellard, who believes traditional cuts for traditional cooking methods offer customers an opportunity to experience or re-create a cultural dish.

According to Mathieu Paré, Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, every part of the carcass has value, and increasing the demand for cuts in Canada puts pressure on export market to increase willingness to pay more for these cuts as well.

“We want Canadian consumers, and the demand for Canadian beef to really be strongest here in Canada first…”

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