Food Bubble: Are people really judging us on what we eat?

(Marco Verch/CC by 2.0)

Whether it’s stashing away chocolates in a favourite hiding spot, or choosing the salad at a buffet for fear of peering eyes, most of us have felt judged on our food choices in one way or another.

According to Casey Berglund, founder of Worthy and Well Inc., a lot of people have complicated relationships with food, and a lot of that stems from the idea that there’s good food and bad food, and they’re ever-changing.

But it can also come from a place of judgement.

“I think there is actual judgement, and I think there is a lot of perceived judgement from other people,” says Berglund, adding she often didn’t tell people she was a dietician due to the judgement that accompanied it.

Registered dietitian and intuitive eating counsellor Lisa Melo hears all about the challenges people have with food, and how many of them end up losing the joy in eating entirely. Through a ten step program, Melo helps people move away from the idea of good and bad foods, and toward listening to the body.

“Nobody can hate themselves into a healthier life,” she says, in this episode of Food Bubble, with host Andrew Campbell.

Image via Marco Verch, CC by 2.o.

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