Food Bubble: Why is organic milk more expensive?

If you’ve ever compared organic produce to conventional, you’ve likely seen a dramatic difference in pricing. The same is true for organic milk.

“In fact, organic 2 per cent costs almost twice as much as regular 2 per cent in my grocery store, and a look across the country, that’s a pretty common pattern,” says dairy farmer and podcast host Andrew Campbell.

In this episode of Food Bubble, Campbell seeks to understand why organic milk is sold at such a premium, speaking to:

  • B.C. dairy farmer Julaine Truer;
  • Art Hill, with the University of Guelph; and
  • Kevin Grier, market analyst and consultant.

From more expensive feed to longer antibiotic withdrawal times; smaller scale processing to limited retail shelf space, there are a number of factors that weigh in on the cost of organic milk. Have a listen:

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