Food Bubble: What happens when we are afraid of foods?

We all know someone who has, at one point or another, changed their diet based on fear. And it doesn’t help that our relationship with food is complicated.

According to Crystal Mackay, Canadian Centre for Food Integrity, our decisions around food are complicated. It’s emotional, and often defining. “It’s difficult to quantify where the line is between emotion and logic on making these decisions,” she says.

For Julie Gunlock of the Independent Women’s Forum, that line blurred with the birth of her first child.

“I became completely obsessed about every possible thing that could come into contact with my child,” says Gunlock, adding fear even led her to delaying her son’s vaccinations.

“Once I came out of this, what I call, ‘fog of alarmism,’ it really motivated me to write about these issues and how a lot of this isn’t true.”

In this episode of Food Bubble, hear from Gunlock and Mackay on some of the alarmism around food, and tips for leading a healthy life (and navigating the hype):

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