Maddening Millennials and their food love can’t be ignored by the farming industry

They’re the generation we love to hate: Millennials.

Often called entitled and lazy (largely by Baby Boomers who can’t open a PDF), Millennials are the next huge generation both in numbers and influence. And because of that sway and market power, David Coletto, of Abacus Data, warns that any industry that ignores their preferences, interests, and causes does so at their peril.

First off, the Millennial generation has a love affair with food, with nearly half of them self-identifying as foodies. “One to two posts out of 10 on Instagram is a plate of food,” Coletto says, adding that Millennials are passionate about not just food, but also the story behind the food they’re photographing.

That connection to a product, especially with something as intimate as food, is part of the key to accessing and serving this demographic, Coletto says. They’re also a generation that wants transparency, and can quickly amplify a message or trend, positive or negative, like no other group before them

What happens in the next five, 10, or even 20 years? Coletto drops the truth bomb that — and get ready for this `— Millennials are now becoming parents. What does that mean for farming and food? How does this industry adapt to this massive wave of picky, thoughtful, and educated consumers?

Hear David Coletto and Shaun Haney discuss Millennials in this interview recorded at Canada’s Ag Day at Ottawa, Ont.