Fit Farmer, Ep 8: Remote support and quick workouts close the gap on farm-based fitness

Is changing the way you eat or perhaps trying the whole workout thing a goal of yours for this year? Well, look no further than the FitFarmer podcast with co-hosts Shaun Haney and Gary Chambers, who farms and stays fit throughout the year!

On this episode the pair discuss major trends in fitness, and how the move to more online training and fitness challenges actually fits in really well with solving some of the issues that many farmers face in trying to squeeze workouts in to hectic schedules.

“I think we’ll be seeing this trend a lot of it Canada, (take for example) those Peloton bikes being sold now in Canada,” Chambers says. While slow Internet speed may impede some uptake of the technology, Chambers says that for many new applications, so long as you can stream Netflix, you can participate.

That does come at a cost, though, as for something like Peloton, it’s just over $3,000 for the bike along with a monthly fee of roughly $50 for the classes the company provides. Chambers says there’s other services out there, too. As an avid cyclist, Chambers says he uses his own bike along with the Wahoo Kickr attachment which will set a person back around $1,200. From there he subscribes to a service called Zwift which, just like Peloton, connects you with a trainer or a group to ride with.

Another trend emerging in 2019 will be functional bodyweight mobile training. “As the population ages, I think we’re going to continue to see people become not as specialized (in certain fitness regimes) and more focused on overall general health,” Chambers says. He adds he sees the use of trainers raising, along with using core stability exercises and a move to more bodyweight based workouts instead of typical gym machines.

Another trend that hasn’t really gone away over the years are HIIT workouts — high intensity interval training. “It’s a way of getting a quick blast of a full body workout with multi-muscle group exercises,” he says.

Additionally, Chambers points out more and more trainers are incorporating HIIT workouts along with functional bodyweight mobile training to their client programs as the client no longer wants a cookie cutter program that only works at their gym — they want to be able to take their workout wherever they go for work or for pleasure.

Listen below to RealAg Radio host, Shaun Haney discuss the top fitness trends with FitFarmer, Gary Chambers.


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