A look back at 10 years of RealAg: Shaun Haney on the hot seat

In the fall of 2008, Shaun Haney decided to do something that really no one else was doing: writing about what was happening in agriculture and publishing that content exclusively online. Soon after, he used financial and sports coverage as inspiration, and offered something the agriculture audience had seldom seen before: online video coverage of the issues, topics, and equipment of interest to Canadian agriculture.

In 10 short years, what started as a blog, a handycam, and a YouTube channel has grown into a legit, multi-media agriculture communications company, with a weekly radio show on Sirius XM, eight different school series, weekly columnists, and cross-Canada events coverage, all delivered with the enthusiasm, energy, and insight the audience has come to expect from RealAgriculture.

To kick off what will be a year of celebration for the company, long-time friend of the site, Rob Saik, decided to turn the tables on founder Shaun Haney and interview him for once. From how this whole crazy thing got off the ground, to navigating an industry that was once dominated by print media, Saik asks Shaun to share his own perspective on some tough questions.

From some of the most impactful interviews, to challenges within the industry, and on to some of the biggest challenges of the job, Haney talks  about getting used to the miles on the road, and perhaps the largest challenge of encouraging people to see issues from another angle or an opposing view. It’s also an honour, he says, to be considered a useful filter for the agriculture industry — to sift through the firehose of information and follow up on the issues and topics of importance and interest for the audience.

Plus, there’s been a more recent move to radio, on Rural Radio Sirius XM Channel 147.  In typical RealAg fashion, the radio show was created in just six weeks from the a-ok to on the air. The journey has been so very positive, Haney says, and Realag has become a pretty big Canadian agriculture ambassador to our American counterparts.

To hear more on what’s ahead for RealAg, and what’s ahead for ag media, listen below to Rob Saik and Shaun Haney:

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