Authority® Supreme: A herbicide built for 2019 and beyond

When you’re talking about weed control for field peas, chickpeas and soybeans, grower experience and a growing body of research have this to say: the earlier, the better.

This is particularly true for field peas and chickpeas. With limited in-crop weed control options for these two crops, an effective pre-emergent application provides vital early-season weed removal. For soybeans, getting the crop as weed-free as possible in the spring means this less-competitive crop doesn’t have to share nutrient, sunlight, and moisture with weeds during the critical weed-free period.

Powerful, consistent early-season weed control is the reason FMC’s Authority® Supreme pre-emergent herbicide has quickly become a key tool for pea, chickpea and soybean production.

“We launched Authority® Supreme herbicide last year, and right away, growers saw the value,” says Paul Allen, Product Manager with FMC. “It’s a product that answers today’s key agronomic needs effectively, starting with dual control of grassy and broadleaf weeds.”

Highly effective at early weed removal

Authority® Supreme herbicide delivers powerful, extended pre-emergent control of many tough grassy and broadleaf weeds, and effective suppression of even more.

Consistent grassy and broadleaf weed control with Authority® Supreme herbicide

Application flexibility

Authority® Supreme herbicide can be applied before seeding or up to three days after seeding. “It’s highly effective alone, but can also be tank-mixed with glyphosate in your burnoff application,” says Allen.

He notes that each 8L jugs treats 33 or 40 acres, depending on timing and soil characteristics. Having multiple rate options gives growers the freedom to choose the right rate for their soil type and/or weed spectrum.

The right approach to resistance management

This unique herbicide features Group 14 and 15 modes of action, a welcome tool for growers working to rotate modes of action to ensure long-term viability.

Convenient liquid formulation

Time is short during a busy growing season, so growers appreciate how easily this soil-applied herbicide gets in the tank and on the ground.

“For 2019, its second year in the market, we expect that even more growers will choose Authority® Supreme herbicide for powerful early weed removal, proactive resistance management and a convenient experience,” says Allen. “For field pea, chickpea and soybean growers today, this herbicide ticks all the boxes.”

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