Results from Western Canada’s BioAdvantage Trials

Western Canada has a lot to look forward to with the 2018 Acceleron BioAg™ BioAdvantage Trial results, which include exciting results from year two of our “stack” trials on canola crops.

Now in its fourth year, the Acceleron BioAg™ BioAdvantage Trial (BAT) program tests and measures the benefits of Acceleron BioAg inoculants on Canadian crops across diverse regions and soil types. In 2018, farmers from Alberta to Nova Scotia participated in the trials, testing 6 different products on 13 crop types to observe how vigour, plant health and yield were impacted by the different technologies. This year’s trials are following in the wake of positive results from the 2017 BAT program.

The focus of the BAT program this year was to expand research into the effects of multiple products used in tandem, or what is known as stacking biologicals. Over 20 cooperators participated in testing combinations of biological technologies, such as TagTeam® LCO + QuickRoots® inoculants on pulses, and a second year of testing for JumpStart® + QuickRoots® inoculants on canola and wheat. Stacking biologicals within the cropping system enables the different active organisms in Acceleron BioAg™ products to have complementary effects. These multiple modes of action allow for greater benefits when combined.

Together JumpStart® and QuickRoots® products help create a powerful biological system, improving nutrient and moisture uptake and helping to increase yield potential. In 2017 and 2018 BioAdvantage trial results received to date, the combination of JumpStart® + QuickRoots® had a 71% win-rate on canola and a 82% win-rate on wheat. Trials will continue with this combination in the 2019 BioAdvantage Trials program.

TagTeam® LCO inoculant, a product that uses beneficial Rhizobium bacteria and Penicillium bilaiae fungi, in addition to LCO technology for improved nodule formation and increased nitrogen fixation, was another key focus of this year’s trial program.  The three powerful technologies in TagTeam® LCO helped pull ahead of the leading competitor’s product with a 91% win-rate on peas and lentils.

Acceleron BioAg™ is looking forward to continuing with their success of the BioAdvantage Trials program and to learn more about the benefits of nature’s technology “stacked” together.

More results will be coming soon to the Acceleron BioAg™ website, Farmers are invited to keep an eye on the interactive plot map and look for the 2018 results in their area.

Performance may vary from location to location and from year to year, as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible and should consider the impacts of these conditions on the grower’s fields.
ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. Acceleron BioAg™, JumpStart®, QuickRoots® and TagTeam® are trademarks of Bayer Group, Monsanto Canada ULC licensee. ©2018 Bayer Group.  All rights reserved.

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