Fit Farmer, Ep 7: Top 10 gifts to help you on your fitness journey

As the year winds down and many begin to look to the New Year, our Fit Farmer expert, Gary Chambers along with RealAg Radio host, Shaun Haney, decided it’s time to discuss their top 10 gift ideas for those who are looking to get and stay healthy. Although most throw fitness habits out the window during the holidays, Haney and Chambers agree that a great fitness gift can be the encouragement some need to help improve their overall health and to tackle their New Year’s resolutions.

Here are the Fit Farmers top 10 gift ideas for 2018:

  1. Petzel Reactik Headlamp
    • Rechargeable
    • 300 lumens reactive lighting that adapts to conditions and MyPetzl App
    • Perfect for running, snowshoeing, hiking, XC skiing, or any other winter activities during shorter daylight season
  2. Jaybird Run wireless headphones
    • Water and sweat resistant
    • Fit comfortably even under toque (that’s a beanie, for our American friends)
    • Four-hour battery life on own or 12 hours with charging case
  3. TRX
    • Simple, inexpensive equipment with unlimited exercises
    • Portable for travel
    • Great functional, multi-muscle, and stabilizing exercises
  4. Axius Core
    • Excellent core, proprioception, joint stability
    • Portable and inexpensive
    • Unlimited versatility
  5. Body Composition Scale
    • Track day-to-day progress with 11 body composition readings
    • Bluetooth connection to simplify tracking and monitoring (Apple and Android)
    • Ultimate tracking tool with lots of options and price points
  6. Yack Trax
    • Make winter training safe and efficient
    • Reduce injury
    • Lightweight and portable for travel
  7. The Stick
    • Roll out soreness!
    • Increase flexibility
    • Take anywhere
  8. Wahoo Chest Strap
    • simple to pair to any device
    • very comfortable
    • option for chest or armband
  9. Productivity Planner/Training Log
    • accountability
    • great daily, weekly reviews and check/balance pages
    • can be used for daily life planning not just fitness
  10. Wearable Health Tracker (iWatch, Garmin Viveofit or Fenix, Fitbit)
    • Simple way to track daily activity
    • accountability without effort
    • simple to sync to many fitness software apps

Bonus Idea

  • Fitness Assessment
    • Chambers says by having a starting point is critical for any journey and this is why every year, he gets a fitness assessment that includes: balance point wattage (cycling specific), VO2 max, body fat percentage, and weight. Most assessments can be done at a gym, fitness studio, or at college/universities. It is a great way to start out the year of training and year to year tracking our progress as we age.

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