Incentive to intercrop in Manitoba

Canola and peas grow in the same field, near Midale, Sask. Photo credit: Colin Rosengren.

If you decided to incorporate intercropping to your farm plan this year, there’s some good and some slightly bad news for you, if you live in Manitoba.

During this past week’s intercropping workshop held at Brandon, Man., Matthew Wiens, land management specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, told producers there’s funding available for those who chose to plant two varieties in one field this past year.

“For two categories of items, (you can get funding for) seed separating equipment to enable intercropping to separate the two or more crops that you’ve harvested in a cropping mix,” Wiens says. “The other category being seeding equipment that enables increased ability to grow intercrops — each project you can get up to $10,000.”

Wiens adds that he believes Manitoba is the only province that has this type of incentive. The cost is shared 50-50 with the government and the producer.

Now here comes the slightly bad news… The deadline to apply for the grant is today, November 16. The three page application and more information can be found by clicking here. The intercropping part is located on page 25.

On the bright side, Wiens is hopeful the funding will continue for next year; however, that announcement will come during Manitoba Ag Days in January 2019, if at all.