Exploding Sprayer Myths: Prevent spray drift, eh!

The Spray Guys are back with a Canadian culture mash up that sees them reprise the roles of Bob and Doug McKenzie, everybody’s favourite beer drinking duo.

In this episode of Exploding Spray Myths, our two hosers, played by Jason Deveau and Tom Wolf, somehow manage to jerry-rig a satellite hot stove lounge where they interview Australian spraying expert Mary O’Brien. As they calibrate their beers, O’Brien tells our sobriety-challenged stars how farmers in the Great White North and those down under face similar challenges when managing spray drift.

Our light-headed hosts struggle to understand O’Brien’s Aussie accent but with help from their universal translator they learn that managing spray drift – in Australia and Canada – really comes down to nozzle choice, timing, travel speed and effective tank mixing.

It’s a beauty, eh!

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