Agriculture has Canadian competitiveness on its mind this winter

This year has brought many political events to remember including trade deals, a new party on the right, and a bizarre foreign trip to India for Prime Minister Trudeau.

As we get closer to 2019, Ottawa has flipped into election mode according to Kelsey Johnson of iPolitics. Johnson also believes the issue of competitiveness will be one of the major issues on the minds of the candidates and Canadians in general. Farmers and ranchers across the country are just as concerned about the competitiveness questions with the changes in business taxes in the U.S., the roll out of the carbon tax in Canada, and affordability.

All Canadians will be paying attention when Finance Minister Bill Morneau gives his fall economic update. The update will provide some guidance to Canadians on many of these competitiveness issues and will likely shape the context of the early 2019 election campaigning.

Economics is not the only thing on the minds of farmers.  According to Johnson, the Ag committee’s study of mental health has been quite “eye opening” for many people on the hill.  “I can guarantee you that study has hit many people very hard,” Johnson says.

Listen to RealAg Radio host, Shaun Haney and Kelsey Johnson of iPolitics discuss all of the latest in Canadian politics that is impacting Canadian agriculture including what the future potentially holds for Lawrence MacAulay, Trudeau’s trust in Morneau, how farmer’s mental health discussions left their mark on Ottawa and trade with China.

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