RealAg Radio, Oct. 2: Huge LNG plant, USMCA reaction, and commodities expert weighs in on the markets

Snow falling at Rosana Farms located near Kindersley, Sask. on Oct. 1, 2018. (Brenda Sherwin-Walde/Supplied)

More snow in fall!? Come on now Mother Nature… where were you back in winter when we needed it for a good snow pack!?

On today’s RealAg Radio show, host Shaun Haney, hears some good feedback from listeners on their thoughts on the USMCA.

Then, Shaun breaks down the top ag news stories of the day with news lead, Jessika Guse. Topics included:

  • Huge LNG deal in B.C.
  • The latest Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer reading is out for the U.S.
  • USMCA and how it
  • Reaction from various organizations pour out the day after the USMCA was announced

For todays product spotlight, Steve Denys with Maizex Seeds joins Shaun to discuss a new joint venture agreement. Then, Carlo Dade with the Canada West Foundation dives in more about the USMCA. Speaking of the new trade deal, Is the USMCA causing the uptick in soybean prices? To end off the show, chief commodities economist, Arlan Suderman with INTL FC Stone, joins the show to talk markets.

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