Camso offers new tracks designed for road speeds

The reality is that farms are getting bigger and fields farther apart. Time spent on the road is time not spent doing field work, so there’s a lot of focus right now on tracks that handle travel at road speed to get between fields faster.

RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner caught up with Martin Lunkenbein, Camso’s business line executive director, about making tracks that can, well, ‘make tracks’.

Lukenbein says, “After a year of really hard work from our engineering group, we gave them some requirements and they came back with the material we have here. It allows us to go 50 per cent faster than the track we currently have on the market.”

And, of course there is nothing an engineering team loves more than a problem, though they refer to it as a ‘challenge.’ The challenge here is develop a material that doesn’t generate that much heat, and for longer wear.

Wider tracks distribute weight better and do not overheat: it’s the narrow tracks that have a problem. In the words of Lunkenbein, “All that weight on a very narrow surface going down the road at 25 miles an hour generates a lot of heat.”

Not generating heat is important, according to Lunkenbein “so that when you are going down the road you are not abusing your track, you’re not creating any other issues and you’re just getting the wear … like it would normally wear.”

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