RealAg Radio, Sept 24: Harvest progress and soybean laundering

Today on the show we focus on harvest progress across the country with a number of guests and a variety of view points. On today’s show, we get crop updates from Roberta Galbraith, Megz Reynolds, and our own Dale Leftwich.

If you want to update us on your harvest progress, you can email Shaun at [email protected] or call the listener line at 855.776.6147.

Lyndsey Smith joins us to discuss the damage by Friday’s tornado in the Ottawa valley. The high winds definitely created havoc for corn and soybean growers, livestock producers, and even local 4-H shows.

You’ll hear fromPeter Johnson as he discusses the strong early soybean yields in Ontario and what it could mean for the rest of harvest yields.

And hear from Robert Day, CEO of CERES Global Ag, giving his perspective on the concept of soybean laundering in this rising tariff environment.

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