Honey Bee AirFLEX header skims the ground for maximum crop pick up

With 10 years of research and development behind its design, the Honey Bee AirFLEX header promises incredible harvest speeds with full harvest recovery.

With its ground-skimming capabilities and specially designed adjustable cutter bar and reel, it’s no surprise that farmers who try-before-they-buy keep the header to complete harvest, says Jamie Pegg, general manager at Honey Bee.

Honey Bee products, Pegg says, are designed by farmers for farmers, and for this header that means ground-skimming performance that leaves none of a short crop behind.

There are two real big selling features on this header: one, is the field-proven claim that you can harvest beans at 7.5 mph; and, two, that the AirFLEX cuts so low you know you’ve got all that harvest in the bin.

Farmers who have field-tested the header across an already-harvested beans field realized a two to three bushel recovery on average, Pegg says below in this interview with Shaun Haney. That’s incredible value for simply a change in header, and due, at least in part, to the specific reel and cutter bar design. (Story continues below the interview)

Not just for a short crop, the AirFLEX also features an independently suspended cutter bar, supported by an air suspension system with full adjustability to get your from a short- to tall-crop harvest scenario quickly and efficiently.

This header is lightweight, which is easier on the combine, allowing for full field coverage, even in tough conditions, Pegg says. After all, getting the maximum amount of crop in the bin means being able to cover every last corner or slough of the field.

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