John Deere rolls out ‘variable-intensity’ tillage tool

Adaptable is perhaps the best word to describe John Deere’s new variable-intensity tillage tool.

Farmers hovered around the 2660VT at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, this week as Jarred Karnei, Deere’s tactical marketing manager for tillage equipment, demonstrated many of the the tillage tool’s features.

In the video below, Karnei explains that the key to the machine’s versatility is its adjustable gang angle. He says this makes it a true multi-season machine capable of applying the right amount of weight per blade to handle a wide range of soil, crop residue, and field conditions at operating speeds up to 16 km per hour. (Story continues after the video)

The 2660VT allows operators to customize the gang angle from 0 degrees for sizing residue and vertical soil movement, to 12 degrees for aggressive horizontal soil movement and burying crop residue. Operators can quickly and easily adjust gang angle with a manual slider or utilize TruSet tillage technology for more precise, one-degree adjustments and prescription tillage capabilities from the cab.

“Unlike many other tillage tools, the TruSet technology on the 2660VT gives the operator the ability to adjust multiple functions on the machine on-the-go in order to achieve their desired tillage output, spring or fall,” Karnei adds.

The 2660VT is available in six models with working widths from 20 to 50 feet in three- and five-section configurations. Automated, on-the-go TruSet tillage depth and rolling basket pressure adjustments, as well as documentation and prescription-based tillage on the Generation 4 display, are standard on both five-section and three-section models.

Specifically for the 2660VT, Deere is introducing a 22-inch heavy-duty blade with a double-cut edge to more easily penetrate hard soils and size and mix residue. This wavy straight blade on 7.25-inch spacings features a serrated edge and shallow concavity to fracture and lift hard soils with less smearing.

Karnei notes that the 2660VT also features the two-part ProFinish leveling system with new hydraulic, double rolling baskets to more effectively reduce clods and pin residue based on soil and residue conditions. The front knife-edge basket is mounted in reverse to change the direction of the soil and knock down ridges while the back flat- or round-bar basket breaks down clods and firms the surface.

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