RealAg Radio, July 26: An EU-U.S. trade deal, wheat class updates, and MPs push for CPTPP

Making her RealAg Radio debut, Jessika Guse — the newest RealAgriculture team member — joined host Shaun Haney to discuss today’s biggest stories in agriculture.

On today’s show, you’ll hear about:

  • The EU trade deal with the U.S. on soybeans and the possibility of no tariffs
  • How Canadian and Mexican officials are meeting prior to the Mexico and U.S. meeting and what that means for the future of NAFTA
  • Upcoming changes by the Canadian Grain Commission
  • AGT Food and Ingredients potentially looking at privatization
  • Conservative MPs John Barlow and Luc Berthold pushing for Canada to ratify the CPTPP

Also on today’s show, Shaun tackled the topic of how the European Union recently decided to label CRISPR as a GMO. Just like everyday Thursday, Wheat Pete educated and entertained your agronomic questions, along with Shaun also speaking with Jonathan Driedger who provided an update on what he saw at the grain world crop tour taking place across Western Canada.

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