TechTour: Väderstad’s ultra-shallow disc cultivator in action

In recent years we’ve seen dramatic shifts into the areas of low-till and no-till. And now, Väderstad is offering another option with its Carrier lineup of disc cultivators — ultra-shallow tillage.

“The idea behind this is when the farmer has done his combining, especially after oilseed…if he do a very shallow tillage then (and with that we mean down to 30 millimetre), then everything can grow,” says Väderstad’s Christer Stark. “And you have to be able to get the seeds to germinate to be able to kill them.”

There are many lines of Carrier implements. The 420-820 line features working widths of 4.2-8.2 metres and pulling requirements of 120-220 horsepower. It can be fitted with Väderstad’s straw harrow, CrossCutter Knife, or CrossBoard Heavy on the front section; 450 or 470 millimetre discs for the middle section; and Rubber Runner or SingleSteel Runner packers on the back.

Depending on the combination of tools, the series can be used to create a stale seedbed, level ploughed land or incorporate cover crops. It can also be equipped with the BioDrill 360 — a mountable small seeder.

RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney caught up with Väderstad’s Christer Stark at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany to learn more: