Lightweight narrow-row corn head heavy on efficiency

Want to maximize combine productivity and put every corn kernel possible in the grain tank?

That’s what New Holland is promising farmers who invest in the company’s new 9200 CornMaster Series of corn heads. The narrow-row heads are specifically developed for farmers planting in 20- and 22-inch row spacings and range from 12-row to 18-row units.

New Holland unveiled the new corn heads last month at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. In this video, J Cole Sanford, field marketing specialist for New Holland, explains how company engineers built the new heads based primarily on feedback from customers.

The 9200 series comes with a completely new row unit that picks cleaner and reduces the amount of material other than grain (MOG) by up to 28,000 pounds per hour when compared to competitive row units attached to New Holland combines. Reduced MOG helps increase combine ground speed and reduces horsepower requirements. Separate drives for the row units and chopper also deliver increased reliability by allowing for optimal sizing of the drivelines and clutches.

Other features include narrow-row inner and outer hoods to improve crop flow; and double-acting deck plates to limit ear bounce; and, butt shelling for lower header losses. Sanford also notes that the weight of each row unit has been reduced by 110 lb (up to 1,728 lb on a 16-row machine). That adds up to reduced ground compaction and more reactive header control, he says.

Take a tour of the new 9200 CornMaster Series with J Cole Sanford.

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