Camso launches remanufactured track program

Camso is giving new life to worn tracks.

Earlier this month, the Quebec-based company unveiled its certified remanufactured program, giving farmers the ability to rebuild and reuse worn tracks. “When customers participate in our program, Camso takes their old tracks and puts new tread bars on the carcass, remanufacturing the used tracks and giving them new life,” says Martin Lunkenbein, Camso’s service and aftermarket sales executive director.

At the recent National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, Lunkenbein explained that the program announcement follows a pilot program conducted last summer. During the pilot program, Camso monitored the performance of its remanufactured products for more than 500 field hours. “Since the end of the year, we received additional validation from users in Kansas and Texas. Results are positive: tread bars of the remanufactured tracks showed the same adhesion and performance as new tracks,” says Lunkenbein.

In the long term, Lunkenbein believes the idea of utilizing remanufactured tracks and wheels will be as common as it is for other replacement parts. “This is a game changer in the way customers will purchase tracks and wheels in the future,” he says. “Customers can now think of a product that provides the lowest operating cost through its first life, while considering the multiple lives that can be delivered after its initial cycle.”

Check out Martin Lunkenbein’s summary of the Camso’s certified remanufactured program.

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