Wheat Pete’s Word, Feb 28: Plugged tiles and compaction where it’s least expected

Tiles, tillers, and tests.

In this week’s episode of the Word, host Peter Johnson covers everything from tile drainage systems plugging with roots, to managing tillering in wheat, and variability in organic matter tests. Plus: even non-clay soils can compact…

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Find a summary of today’s show topics and times below the audio.


  • 00:50 – Roots are plugging tiles. Is it an installation issue? Aggressive plant varieties? High yields?
  • 03:30 – Do I need to use a growth regulator in hard red wheat?
  • 04:35 – How do I control tiller production in wheat?
  • 06:35 – What’s a good seeding rate for north-central Saskatchewan?
  • 07:35 – When is the ideal time to apply 20 percent nitrogen on wheat? Is there an advantage to applying some early as urea?
  • 08:20 – Explaining extreme variability in organic matter soil tests.
  • 09:20 – Deep soil sampling shows compaction in sand — how can that be possible?


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