How sensors and cloud technology are improving milk quality and safety

(photo by Matt Cartney; CC BY-NC 2.0)

Sensors and internet cloud technology — a combination sometimes described as the “Internet of Things” — are increasingly being used by farmers to maximize the quality and food safety of their production.

The reduced cost of sensors and the ability to connect them to the internet (and users’ smartphones) is enabling new uses for this technology, including monitoring production to ensure there aren’t problems in storage.

Similar to probes used to monitor grain bins, dairy farmers are getting tools to monitor milk tanks remotely.


As part of its Deepfield Connect product family that also provides sensors for monitoring field conditions in high value crop, Bosch debuted a connected infrared sensor system for milk monitoring at Agritechnica 2017 in Germany.

As Bosch’s Bojan Ferhadbegovic explains to RealAg’s Shaun Haney in the video below, the system monitors the milk tank’s refrigeration, cleaning, and agitator. Farmers can use the app to monitor milk in storage and share information with truck drivers, processors and others who have an interest in how it’s stored. It will also alert the farmer if there’s a change in conditions.

Simplicity is another factor in the adoption of new sensor tech on farms. Ferhadbegovic says Bosch’s milk tank monitoring system is easily installed by the farmer on any milk tank.

Bosch plans to launch the milk monitoring system in early 2018.

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