Real Dream Workshops, Ep. 2 — Barry and Tyler McBlain

Are you planning to build a new farm workshop? How big should it be? What features should you incorporate? What cool ideas would make it a ‘killer shop’? Are there pitfalls you should avoid?

In episode 2 of Real Dream Workshops, Peter Johnson visits Barry and Tyler McBlain at their farm shop near Brantford in Brant County. Tyler tells Johnson why they opted for radiant tube heating rather than in-floor heating and how it combines with proper insulation to keep the shop toasty all winter at minimal cost.

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Johnson is fascinated with the McBlain’s use of drop-down ceiling outlets to give easy electrical access and eliminate the need for cumbersome extension cords. There’s also a partition wall which can be easily removed to provide for future expansion. The wall also contains a large side door to give easy access for small equipment and implements.

Johnson is also smitten with the McBlain’s sound-proofed office which provides a quiet, comfortable space for meetings and hammering out business plans for high-yielding, successful crops.

If you have some cool features in your workshop, let Peter Johnson know. We may visit your shop and feature you in the series. Connect with him on Twitter: @WheatPete or via email: [email protected].

Johnson will also be presenting a mash-up of all the great ideas and insights from the series at the SouthWest Agricultural Conference at Ridgetown College, Jan. 3 and 4, 2018. Don’t miss it.


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