Consider disease package when selecting a canola variety

Yield potential will always be king, but there are many considerations for farmers at variety selection time. With blackleg and clubroot diseases threatening yield, a well-rounded approach to canola genetics is key to ensuring that you have the potential to achieve the high yields you desire.

As rotations have become shorter, and with threats of clubroot and other diseases, farmers have become more aware of variety selection criteria, notes Rene Mabon, Agronomic & Regulatory Services Manager at BrettYoung Seeds.

BrettYoung is proud to introduce the DefendR trait platform as part of an active disease management strategy. The DefendR designation is used to signal exceptional genetic resistance or tolerance to the big three disease complexes affecting canola: sclerotinia, clubroot and blackleg.

DefendR is reserved for use only on BrettYoung varieties that deliver significantly above industry-average levels of genetic resistance or tolerance to one or more of the prominent canola diseases. It is BrettYoung’s nod to the strength of the breeding program with the company’s primary canola partner, DL Seeds, and a promise to canola growers they are purchasing a variety that has leading genetics for disease management coupled with a canola hybrid with exceptional yield potential.

With the DefendR disease rating, BrettYoung hopes to add clarity to the variety selection process. The DefendR stamp assures producers that they are growing a variety that gives them the best in disease resistance.


Choosing the best varieties complements other best management practices for minimizing these diseases.

BrettYoung has also rounded out its strong canola portfolio by signing a distribution agreement with Cargill that adds some of the varieties formerly marketed through Syngenta, as well as new varieties coming through Cargill’s canola breeding pipeline.

Listen to Shaun Haney talk to Eric Gregory and Rene Mabon of BrettYoung about variety selection and the benefits of the DefendR trait platform.