Alberta welcomed back to Chicken Farmers of Canada flock

Photo credit: Nathalie Lemieux, Ontario Veterinary College.

Chicken Farmers of Canada says it is welcoming Alberta producers back to the flock after the province withdrew from the national agreement that determines how much production each province is allocated under the national supply management system for chicken.

CFC says it has a new federal-provincial agreement “in hand” after the Farm Products Council of Canada determined Governor-in-Council approval was not required for the new deal.

Alberta withdrew from the previous federal-provincial agreement in 2013 over concerns about population growth not being fully recognized in the allocation system.

The internal disagreement created concerns in the industry about a possible crack in the foundation of the supply management system.

Alberta committed to the new agreement in late 2014, which initiated the process required to rejoin the national agency. The finalized deal announced on Thursday concludes more than eight years of discussions and negotiations between federal and provincial stakeholders.

With all provinces, including Alberta, on board, the new agreement provides certainty for the chicken industry, says Benoît Fontaine, chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada.

“With it, we have the tools we need to grow, develop and thrive. This FPA marks our industry’s total commitment to a dynamic and always evolving supply management system for chicken,” he says, in a news release issued Nov. 2.

“Our focus on responding quickly to the changing demands of consumers in every province, and to meeting all our challenges, are among the many reasons we are a Canadian success story,” he continues. “We’re excited to have all our provinces back on board.”

CFC notes having support from all provinces “enhances the nation’s international trade position, backing Canada’s right to use the marketing systems of its choice.”

CFC represents approximately 2,800 chicken farmers across the country.

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