New Holland moves from Elevation to Revelation

New Holland’s CR Revelation combine turned heads at Farm Progress Show (FPS) last week. Besides changes to the appearance from previous models (like the Elevation), the new combine demonstrates an up to 10 per cent increase in average total capacity, according to New Holland, and lowers the power needed to separate grain by up to 75 horsepower.

“We believe in continued advancement to further improve customer profitability and the new features of the CR Revelation do just that,” says Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “Improvements for this year, such as the cab-controlled remote adjustable rotor vanes, improved residue management, and new styling will improve our customers’ productivity and profitability further.”

Cab-controlled adjustable rotor vanes

Producers may wonder why a combine would need cab-controlled adjustable rotor vanes, says Dan Valen, director of product marketing for New Holland.

“Well, cause in the middle of the day, when it’s easy to separate the crop, you can actually accelerate the vanes, meaning you’re moving the crop through the vanes faster. But, in the evenings, when the dew starts to settle in and the crop becomes harder to thresh, you’re able to dial that back — hold the material in the combine longer — in order to get every single possible kernel or seed that’s in that machine.”

Valen says this change means that over 200h of combining, operators will see an additional 500 acres covered.

In addition, the combines are equipped with an in-cab concave reset, which saves 20-30 minutes that manual operation requires.

Increased spreading width

A air crop flow system replaces the impact-based design. The Revelation’s reinforced rotor, longer counter knives and increased chopper speed result in a 50 per cent reduction of long straw and a finer sample. The spread is adjustable from the cab, and can cover widths up to 45 feet.

Photo: New Holland

“It’s going to be easier to incorporate into the soil,” says Valen, “and you’re going to have better yields the following year.”

New colour scheme

The main frame, grain pan, beater grate and grain tank are all yellow. The change means there’s better visibility of the machine during harvest and maintenance.

The Revelation is a 2018 model year combine and is now available to order for spring delivery.

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