RealAg Radio, May 26: Slow rural internet, Conservative leadership, & snagged power lines

Friday = roundtable day on the radio podcast, as cohosts Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner are joined by Bern Tobin in southern Ontario. Today’s show includes:

  • Condolences to Sens’ fans.
  • Internet speeds are evidently brutal in many rural areas. How can this be fixed?
  • A look ahead to the Conservative leadership convention, with the winner TBD on Saturday. Is it Bernier’s to lose?
  • SaskPower recorded 23 incidents with farm equipment contacting power lines/poles last week. Spokesperson Laura McKnight discusses the number of cases this spring, as well steps to avoid and what to do if you do snag power equipment.
  • Polls showing the NDP ahead of the Sask Party in Saskatchewan and the Liberals gaining momentum in Ontario — can it be?
  • Memorial Day weekend NASCAR and Indy 500 picks…and more.

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