Domino’s Pizza says it won’t be pushed around by animal activists

Farmers have gotten used to food companies bowing to the desires and demands of animal activists. It seems rare for a mainstream food company to stand behind the methods and practices of farmers and ranchers across the United States and Canada. Outside of McDonald’s Canada, the list seems quite short at times (and, yes, they’re moving to cage-free eggs shortly, even when enriched housing was shown to be a superior system).

This past week, the Minnesota Soybean Twitter account tweeted this quote from Domino’s and farmers around North America let them know they appreciate their support.

There is a line between the consumer saying ‘here is what I want and how I want it produced’ and activists demanding the eradication of safe practices with an ultimate goal of industry elimination. Many activists gladly attempt to speak for all consumers which puts food companies in very difficult positions with little wiggle room unless… are like Domino’s Pizza and you just say, “No more!”

Last month Cargill created a Twitter tornado when they bragged about their relationship with the Non-GMO Project Verified, a third-party certification and lobbyist organization.

I am not certain why Domino’s is taking such a strong stand, but it is refreshing. As a farmer maybe remember their stance next time you order a pizza. (Side note: Domino’s is also known for using Canadian dairy for its pizza chain.)

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