BayKomm Shows Us How Science Can Be Cool

Shaun Haney is in Germany this week as a guest of Bayer, celebrating 20 years of the company’s Invigor brand. 

This morning, I visited the BayKomm site in Leverkusen, Germany. The beautiful glass building holds not only some historical pieces from Bayer’s past but also a connection to the difference science makes on our daily lives.  We interact with science everyday and often take some of its advances for granted.

Much of the facility is filled with state-of-the-art interactive displays showcasing how science involving animals and humans is the company’s passion. Here’s a look at some of the very cool interactive displays.

The 80-year-old suit (below) allows people of all ages to experience what it feels like to be 80 years old. From body feel to sight, this suit allows you to experience the physical limitations of an 80 year old person. Bayer uses suits like this to assist in testing packaging of medications.

Virtual reality display give users a close a personal view of flying with a bee and a closer look at growing wheat in Kansas. I actually have some funny videos of the attendees while experiencing the VR and I promised I would not share.

The Global plate display shows off what goes on the plate of people on different continents around the world. You spin the plate to find out more info on what is on each plate and the science to get that item on the plate.

The body scanner allows you to scan your body and then learn more about all of the organs in your body.  What do those organs do and how they work together to make you a healthy human.

As some of the guests mentioned, BayKomm is a very cool science centre that would be a great place to introduce students to science.  On the weekends, Bayer invites the public into the conference theatre to show movies that have a science theme. Baykomm is proof that you can make science cool and for everyone.

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