Spilled Milk Commercial Has Dairy Farmers Crying Foul

Have you seen the Dairy Farmers of Canada newest ad? (Scroll down to view)

The latest television commercial and billboard campaign has received critical acclaim from advertising big wigs, but at least some of the farmers the ad represents aren’t exactly thrilled with the “crying over spilled milk” commercial calling it “horrifying,” “dark,” and “confusing.”

Dairy farmers are so turned off by the campaign, they’ve actually started a petition¬†asking Dairy Farmers of Canada for justification of the campaign, stating the ad doesn’t represent most Canadians or how they typically consume dairy (my 8-year-old asked if the stuff spilled at the end of the commercial was hummus).

I spoke with Amy Matheson, member of a dairy farm family near Woodstock, Ontario, to talk about the main complaints farmers have with the campaign, and the two main consumer concerns not being addressed by the advertising push.


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