What Actually Happens In The Barns At Agribition — A Tour with Candace Ippolito

For many people that visit Agribition for the first time the activity at the barns can be overwhelming. There are people hustling and bustling around the cattle, from stall to stall. There is lots of laughter, serious discussions, and the odd red Solo cup.

Candace IppolitoThis was not my first time in the barns, but I wanted to get a clearer picture of what was really going on in the Agribition barns. I turned to my friend Candace Ippolito, a true veteran of the Agribition barns. She grew up in the purebred cattle business, and explains that the six days at Agribition is not all fun but real business for the industry. Candace and I chatted in the barns among all the commerce and discussed what actually happens in the barns at Agribition.