Mobile Microscope Tests Dairy Somatic Cell Count

A new mobile app from Newmarket, Ontario-based Dairy Quality Inc. is turning iPhones and iPods into microscopes for dairy farmers.

The company’s new Dairy Health Check device includes milk sampling slides that plug directly into the phone. This, combined with somatic cells count (SCC) and ketosis testing apps that analyze the samples, turn the phone into a mini microscope.

In this video, Dairy Quality’s Director of sales and marketing Chris Gans and quality milk specialist Shannon McFadden explain how Dairy Health Check enables producers to get almost instant readings on milk samples to help manage the impact of SCC and ketosis on milk production. Recent testing at the University of Guelph shows the app to be 97% accurate when compared to most international SCC lab testing.

“This is just the beginning of the Dairy Health Check’s evolution into a complete milk testing device,” says Gans. “Our goal is to give farmers a mobile device to manage all of their herd health data and records in one place.”

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