Lewis Elected APAS President

A farmer from Gray, Saskatchewan, has been elected president of the province’s general farm group.

Todd Lewis was chosen to lead the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan at the organization’s annual general meeting in Regina this week.

He replaces Norm Hall of Wynyard, who stepped down after five years as president. Hall and Ian Boxall of Tisdale were elected as vice-presidents.

“APAS is very much a team, and I am very honoured to take over from Norm as leader of our team,” said Lewis in a statement. “Norm has done a tremendous job to raise the profile of our industry and our organization, and that is essential work that we plan to continue.”

APAS' 2017 executive — Norm Hall, Todd Lewis & Ian Boxall (photo by Tim Clay)

APAS’ 2017 executive — Norm Hall, Todd Lewis & Ian Boxall (photo by Tim Clay)

The following producers were elected to the APAS board:

District 1:
Arlynn Kurtz, RM of Fertile Belt, #183
Marion McBride, RM of Moosomin #121
District 2:
Todd Lewis, RM of Lajord #128
Terry Anthony, RM of Baildon #131
District 3:
Don Connick, RM of Carmichaeal, #109
Rick Jensen, RM of Webb #138
District 4:
Norm Hall, RM of Emerald #277
Ian Boxall, RM of Connaught #457
District 5:
Donavon Block, RM of Leroy, #339
Mickey Palfy, RM of Viscount #341
District 6:
Jeff Simpson, RM of Grandview #349
Jeremy Welter, RM of Mariposa #350

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