Wheat Pete’s Word, Nov. 9 — Surprising Spring Yields, Bump Your Reps, Split-App N, & Wet-Feet Wheat

It turns out spring cereal yields in Ontario, on average, were better than expected, as RealAg Agronomist Peter Johnson highlights in this week’s Word.

From celebrating the 108 percent of average barley crop, to lamenting the lack of farmer-submitted fungicide plot results, to weird symptoms showing up in wheat, Peter covers a whole host of issues and answers questions from listeners in both the eastern and western parts of Canada.


Summary follows video below…

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  • Where are the plot results? Send Peter your data on fungicides, variable rate seeding, etc
  • Registration is open for the Southwest Ag Conference Jan 4-5 — register here.
  • Spring cereal yield numbers are coming in — provincially did much better than thought
  • At least 850,000 acres to maybe 900,000 acres of winter wheat planted in Ont. That’s good!
  • Fog 90 days before rain? Listen to this piece with Environment Canada’s Dave Phillips.
  • Drying corn — invest in a humidistat for the bin, let it control the fan
  • Circular spots showing up in winter wheat — weird symptoms — some is disease, some is wet feet (believe it or not)
  • Split nitrogen in hard red spring wheat — question from Landon in Western Canada — looking for between 60 and 80 pounds available at seeding, 25 pounds as second shot is minimalistic. Might want to try 30 pounds or higher. Also: does later N skip yield and go all to protein?
  • ESN in corn — can ESN replace a split application? Won’t increase seed burn. When it releases is a question, since it’s temperature and moisture dependent. Could be early or late.
  • Discussion about soil testing and soil zone testing
  • Goat manure — how heavy to spread on pasture? Right answer: as thin as you can.
  • Should I clip winter barley? Nooo! Don’t clip your winter crop!
  • When is the drop-dead date on planting rye? Winter wheat plot work — planted on Jan 22, yielded 70bu/ac. No drop dead date. All about weather after planting and realistic yield expectations.

Send Peter your questions and plot data at the contact info above!