Networking is About Being Authentic and Making Connections – Marie-Helene Budworth

Are you good at networking? Or are you more likely to wonder why, as a farmer or rancher, you even need to?

Perhaps you think networking is for salespeople, lawyers, and business big-wigs. According to our interview with Marie-Helene Budworth networking is for anyone engaged in business, and you’re probably much better at it than you think.

According Budworth, with York University, real networking is about being authentic and making connections. Networking is not sleazy or manipulative. Networking is about connecting yourself to people with similar interests and objectives.

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Shaun Haney spoke with Marie-Helene at the Advancing Women Conference in Toronto last month, and they had a very fun discussion about networking. Just because you farm or ranch doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be developing the networking skill.

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