More Questions Than Answers — John Phipps on the Future of the Ethanol Mandate and NAFTA

With a Trump presidency come many questions and really few answers on what is next. During the campaign many promises were made with little clear understanding of which ones will be followed through on.

I chatted with Farm Journal’s John Phipps the morning after the surprise election result.

First off, Trump promised a collapse of the EPA, but with that come potential changes to the ethanol mandate. A destruction of the ethanol mandate would bring major questions to corn demand.

Secondly, what about his promises of tightening immigration and forcing undocumented workers to leave the country?  With agriculture already facing labour shortages, what will the impact be on US fruits and vegetable growers, dairy producers and the protein packing industry?

Finally, what about the future of trade? Would the US actually walk away from NAFTA, TPP and cocoon itself in a protectionist bubble?

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