A Memo Threatens to Revive COOL But John Masswohl Says There Are Other Motives

Please note this is fake version of the memo although we may never get the Stanley Cup back.

This past week it was reported by the Globe and Mail and others that CNN had uncovered a very secret internal memo from the Donald Trump transition team.  The memo disclosed that a suggested tactic in the NAFTA renegotiation would be to reinstate Country of Origin Labelling (COOL).

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We saw on social media — based on the one report of a memo with no context at all — people wondering if COOL was on its way back.

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But, for numerous reasons COOL has little chance to return no matter who President Elect Trump selects as his trade secretary or how protectionist he wants to get in any trade deal renegotiation.  Domestically, it is very likely that NCBA and AMI instead of R-Calf have the ear of Republicans meaning that COOL will have little support within the party.

Instead of speculating though, maybe we should talk to an expert on COOL from a Canadian perspective…

We decided to call the Canadian expert on the COOL file, John Masswohl. John was integral to the COOL repeal through the WTO and has the inside track on the ins and outs of COOL. Could this memo actually be legit and what are the real motives based on the timing of its discovery?  Sounds juicy…like a steak.