Hello, Hockey Fans: Sign-Up For the 2016-17 RealAg Hockey Pool

Choosing sides for hockey on Sarnia Bay on Dec. 29, 1908 (John Boyd / Library and Archives Canada / PA-060732)

Hockey season is upon us once again. It’s the most optimistic time of year, as coaches, players and fans alike have high hopes for the 2016-17 season, whether we’re talking about on the ice or in the highly competitive forum that is the annual RealAg Hockey Pool.

Unless you’re the Pittsburgh Penguins or Joe Rowbottom of Drumheller, AB, you can dream about improving on where you finished in the final standings last season. If you’re the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Frank Lake Fighting Muskrats you can be comforted in knowing you won’t do any worse.

So with that, we’re excited to announce the third annual RealAg Hockey Pool, complete with prizes, prestige and some occasional trash talk.

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