Figuring Out Crop Insurance Options for Unharvested, Snow-Covered Crop

Snowy, wet weather has halted harvest in many areas over the last few weeks, leaving everybody wondering when they’ll be able to get back in the field, if at all.

In Alberta, growers who have crop insurance through AFSC (Agriculture Financial Services Corporation) may be eligible for an unharvested acreage benefit if they can’t get the crop off.

As Steve Gilette explains in the interview below, there are two types of unharvested acreage benefits offered by AFSC:

Basic Unharvested Acreage Benefit
The Basic Unharvested Acreage Benefit provides a payment of 25 per cent of the producer’s coverage on a per-acre basis for unharvested acres. The unharvested acres must be in excess of 20 per cent of the total insured acres for that crop. The advance covers the difference between the total harvested acres and the number of eligible unharvested acres.

Example: A producer has 1,000 insured acres, but can only harvest 700. After deducting 20 per cent of the total insured acres (1000 – 200 acres), only 800 acres are eligible for a Basic Advance. Because the producer has already harvested 700 acres, the producer receives a Basic Unharvested Acreage Benefit payment on the remaining 100 eligible unharvested acres.

If the Basic Unharvested Acreage Benefit is less than 50 per cent of the estimated Post Harvest Indemnity, a Supplementary Unharvested Acreage Benefit will be calculated.

Harvest production reports must still be filed by November 15th, with details of unharvested acres.

Decisions on payouts will be be determined based on crop that’s still in the field as of November 30th, explains Gilette. (contact info for AFSC follows after the video)

For more information about the Unharvested Acreage Benefit, you can call the AFSC client contact centre at 1.877.899.2372, email [email protected] or visit your local Branch Office.

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