Wheat School: Trade Soy for Wheat and Make $40 per Acre

Would you trade $50 of soybeans for $90 of wheat?

Real Agriculture resident agronomist Peter Johnson thinks you should. In this Wheat School episode, Johnson shares his key takeaway from this year’s record Ontario wheat crop, which is pegged at an estimated average of 96 to 98 bushels per acre, 20 percent above the historical average.

“The biggest thing that we did last year was plant early,” says Johnson, who notes that if growers want a shot at a repeat performance they have to get wheat in the ground as early as possible in the fall.

To do that, Johnson says growers have to rethink their approach to planting long-season soybeans. He argues that planting short-season soybeans costs an average four bushels per acre of potential yield. In return growers can plant winter wheat earlier and realize up to a 20-bushel reward for early planting, plus all the benefits of having wheat in the rotation.

Johnson says growers need to change their mindset to consistently grow top yielding wheat and that process starts with the decision to buy short-season soybeans.

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