Wheat Pete’s Word, Sept 7: Hot & Humid Weather, Sprouting Corn, & Wheat Planting No-Gos

Harvest is rolling along in many areas of the province, including the first reported grain corn coming off earlier this week. This week, RealAgriculture’s Peter Johnson tackles your toughest questions on troubled corn, late hay, and wheat variety selection in this September 7th edition of Wheat Pete’s Word. (Highlights below).

Listen or download below! And of course, if you have a question for Wheat Pete, call 1-888-746-3311, send him a tweet (@wheatpete), or email him at [email protected].

Highlights for this week:

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  • The very first grain corn (that we know of) has been harvested. It’s only a three-acre demo plot, but yields were about 130 bu/ac at 32% harvest
  • What the heck is going on with sprouting kernels?
  • Be ready to rumble on harvest — this year is going to be all about timing to minimize quality losses


  • For what could be the first time, Wheat Pete tells someone NOT to plant wheat
  • An update on some of the new varieties


  • What’s the fall critical period for hay? Why late September cutting can be so diastrous on next year’s stand.
  • Potash, sulphur, and phosphorus — now is the time, based on soil test/need
  • Got manure? Wheat ground is better. Those wee shoots will get burned!
  • Stay out of the field!

Pasture establishment

  • Lyndsey was being somewhat cheeky when she asked if it was too late to seed pastures (of course it is) but if you are planning to establish new pastures in 2017, what should you be doing now to be ready?

Cover crops

  • Cover oats are heading in some areas. Could they make grain?
  • How big will cover crop oats get?
  • Weeds in cover crops — do you spray or not?

Also! Don’t miss Wheat Pete live at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show next week! Details here.

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