Growers Tweet #selltheswather, Proving the Growth of Straight-Cutting Canola

Judging by conversations with farmers across the prairies, social media, and conferences, 2016 is the year of straight-cut canola. Not long ago, canola straight-cutting was a fringe activity but it appears to be going mainstream. Increase in canola straight-cutting is due in part to tailored hybrids, growers learning from each other, and a focus on lower operating costs.

The #selltheswather hashtag on Twitter has been quite active with some great retro swather pictures and growers legitimately moving to straight cutting across their farms.

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Blaine Woycheshin, manager, oilseeds crops – InVigor Seed, joined me to talk about the growth of canola straight cutting. We address why are growers selling the swather (though not always literally), could halve the acres in the future be swathed, and, importantly, how do growers win the Tracker fishing boat?