Tire Differences Can Have a Deep Impact

How often do you check to make sure tire air pressure is appropriate for the tire type and conditions?

Higher inflation can increase compaction and reduce soil productivity, as was demonstrated at the Ag in Motion show at Langham, Sask. this week.

As Michelin’s Mike Pantaleo explains in this video, they dug two soil pits, filled them with layers of lime and screened soil, and then drove over them with the rear axle of a high clearance sprayer. Both sides were equipped with the same SprayBib tire model, but the one on the right was inflated to the recommended pressure for the high flex tire technology — 34 psi, while the left tire was set according to a standard tire pressure — 53 psi.

Check out the video for a visual representation of the impact tire inflation and technology have below the soil surface:

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