Beef Market Update — Export Growth Perseveres in Face of Tight Supplies

Earlier this week, Brian Perillat, senior analyst with Canfax, joined Shaun Haney to talk about the May 1 cattle report. The report, published Sunday, showed on-feed numbers in Alberta and Saskatchewan up 8%. What caused the bump?

“As Brian alluded in that last interview, the cattle that didn’t go south — the feeder cattle last fall — ended up staying on feed here in western Canada,” Gateway Livestock’s Anne Wasko told Shaun Haney (interview below). “That’s a good news story from a supply perspective, but at the same time, we see that already starting to show up in things like not as strong of basis levels…”

More Heifers Entering Feedlots, And You Know What That Means…

The U.S. is also seeing increased numbers, but as Wasko points out, the cause is a little different. While our numbers have grown slightly due to shuffling animals, theirs indicate absolute growth.

“They’re still keeping heifers out of feedlots in the U.S. – we aren’t here.”

But, that hasn’t stopped the Canadian beef exports from continuing “to chug along at pretty respectable rate.”

In this week’s Beef Market Update, Wasko joins RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney to discuss Canada’s cattle numbers, export markets, what impact the mCOOL repeal has had on beef movement, and Canadian pasture conditions.

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